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Season of trekking

Treks in Nepal can be undertaken throughout the year depending on the region. The year is divided into four seasons in Nepal and each season offers specific benefits.

Fall (September-November) :

This is the time when you can expect better visibility, the air is cool, and the weather is perfect. It is also the period when the Nepalese holidays are the most important (Dashain and Tihar) during this season. This is the best season offering excellent weather and beautiful mountain views.

Winter (December-February):

This season is favorable for occasional snowfall and the air can be very cold at high altitudes. It is therefore ideal for hiking at lower altitudes, usually below 3000 meters and offers spectacular mountain views.

Spring (March-May) :

The trekking in spring is particularly beautiful as the slopes of the mountains are covered with ravishing and colorful flowers. The mountains still have a lot of high snow to make your photos. The temperature is fairly moderate and the views of the mountain are excellent.

 Summer (June-August) :

This is the preferred trek season in dry areas such as Upper Mustang, Dolpo and Kailash. This season is also recommended for lovers of forestry and botanical picking.